Wood Fences for Farms and Ranches

Wood fencing is durable, practical and looks beautiful. It's no wonder that it often serves as the preference of many farms and ranches. Farm and Ranch Fence Co has a variety of options for wood fencing and can help you determine the best fit for your project.

Post and Rail Fencing

Wooden post and rail fencing is the most traditional fencing for horses. Created with two, three or four wooden rails, this family friendly fencing adds a stunning look to any ranch or farm. Size of wooden rails vary in preference (4"x4", 2"x6",2"x8" just to name a few). Cons: Wooden fences require regular maintenance such as painting and wood replacement, to keep the fence in good condition. Post and rail fences are no longer the cheapest option available for farm and ranch fencing.

Split Rail Fencing

Split rail fences have a more rustic and informal feel. Easy to install and effective for horses and cattle, they are great for decorating property and are quite practical. They are created from wood that has not been processed as precisely as planks, and are often not treated and weatherproofed for longer life.

Wood Ranch Fences with Horse Wire: Adding horse wire, field wire, or mesh wire to a wooden fence adds a layer of protection for horses and livestock. The smaller holes keep out pets and predators, and with a no-climb wire you can be sure your horse doesn't get entangled with steel mesh. Have children you want to be sure stay out? A layer of mesh keeps toddlers from climbing through wooden rails.

Horse gates and cattle gates can also be reinforced with mesh wires to fortify a fence from unwanted animals. Farm and Ranch Fence Co can do it all, so give us a call.

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