Wire Fencing for Farms and Ranches

Farm and Ranch Wire Fences vary greatly on purpose, price and functionality. We are happy to say no matter the project, wire fence installation is our specialty. Below are just a few options for wired fences, including mesh wire fences and barbed wire.
Barbed wire fencing is affordable and effective. You can cover thousands of acres of land at the fraction of the cost of many alternatives. Galvanized steel wire that is built to last decades can be mounted on wooden posts (often cedar is the most popular), steel poles or steel stakes. If you have trees on your land that need clearing, consider using your own wood for barbed wire fencing.
Field Fencing is a steel mesh fence that is designed to keep your livestock safely fenced in while keeping unwanted animals out. With protection from the ground up, it has graduated holes that are small in the bottom and get gradually wider towards the top. If you have pets or predators, this is a more secure option compared to barbed wire fencing. If you're using field fencing or mesh fencing for cattle, a strip of barbed wire prevents cows from reaching over the fence.
Steel paneling can be mounted on a pipe fence or wooden fence to add a layer of protection. This is useful for animals such as hogs or horses that might like to test a fence. If you're considering a wire fence for horses, horse wire is special braided mesh fence that is designed to keep hoofs from getting tangled.
There are tons of options for field fencing, game fencing, deer fencing and cattle fencing that use wire. It's affordable, effective and reliable with a long life. Tell us about your project and we can help determine the best wire fence for your farm or ranch.

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