Horse Fencing Contractor Texas

There are a variety of options available for horse fencing that keeps your animals contained safely. Farm and Ranch Fence Co specializes in creating quality attractive fencing that adds value to your farm. Below are a few options available, so call today and let us know about your project.

Wood Horse Fencing

Wood Post and Rail Horse Fencing: Often a favorite for farm owners because it is attractive, functional and traditional, wood post and rail fencing is created with two, three or four wooden rails. Rails vary in size (2"x4", 2"x6" and 2"x8" planks are most common) and are treated and painted for long life. Con: Wood fences require maintenance, including regular painting and replacement of any broken rails or posts. Wood post and rail fencing was once the cheapest form of fencing, but is not more expensive than PVC or wire fences.

Wood Split Rail Fencing: Split rail fences are very similar to the wood rail fences listed above, but instead of treated, cut traditional boards for horizontal rails, split fences have rough cut logs for rails. This creates a rustic feel. Split rail fences are easy to install and work well for horses and cattle. They also look fantastic on many properties quite practical. The wood is often not processed or painted, so the life of the wood is more difficult to extend.

Steel Pipe Fencing for Horses

Steel pipe fencing is a more modern take on traditional wooden fencing. Often resembling the same shape, steel pipe fencing consists of steel posts and rails that vary in number, generally 1-4. Completely safe for horses and cattle, Farm and Ranch Fence Co uses galvanized steel that is dipped and painted to ensure weather resistance. It does need to be repainted as the years go by, but requires less upkeep compared to wooden horse fencing.

Horse Wire, No Climb Wire or Mesh Fencing

Horse wire can be added to any fence to create a second layer of protection for livestock and horses. This wire serves to keep out other animals, pets and predators alike. The wire varies in size, style and purpose, but specialty steel mesh wire is available that is shaped and braided to keep hoofs from entanglement.

Horse wire can be installed on existing fences, wood and steel alike, or a part of a new fence installation.

Horse gates and cattle gates can also be reinforced with mesh wires to fortify a fence from unwanted animals.

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