Game Fence Texas

Whether you'd like to keep game inside your property for population management or breeding, our high-quality game fences keep deer and exotic animals contained safely while keeping unwanted predators out.

Created from galvanized steel and knotted for strength and durability, our Game Fences (also Deer Fences or Field Fences) range from 6ft-10ft tall. Game fences have graduated openings with smaller holes at the bottom of the fence and larger holes towards the top. The smaller holes ensure unwanted animals cannot get inside the fence, while the larger openings prevent tangling if a deer tries to challenge the height of the fence.

High quality game fencing lasts for decades. Galvanized and coated steel fencing stands up to weather and time, and sturdy steel posts reinforce the game wire and prevent sagging, breakage and wear and tear. We will also install high fence gates with no climb wire or game fencing wire. Our game fence installation is done right the first time and can take the impact of deer challenging the fence.

Depending on the height of your fence and the game you keep fenced in, Farm and Ranch Fence Co can add barbed wire across the top of the game fence. This further discourages any climbing or jumping.

Call us today and tell us about your game fencing project so we can give you suggestions and estimates on how much your game fence costs.

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