Field Fencing Texas

Farm and Ranch Fencing Co has many options available for field fencing. All options vary in price and purpose, but regardless of the type of field fence, you choose we install fences of the highest quality -- guaranteed. We use top quality steel field fencing that is galvanized and dipped for weather resistance and long life. With sturdy fence posts, our field fences won't sag and will last your decades.

Choosing a field fence depends on what type of livestock you wish to hold in your field. Most options are graduated with holes that are small at the bottom and larger at the top. The small holes keep out unwanted animals, both pets and predators, while the large holes allow goats to peek through or prevent deer from getting tangled.

Cattle Field Fence

We offer cattle field fences with steel posts, wood posts or steel pipe. For cattle, your field fence will need a bit of barbed wire to line the top of the steel mesh. This prevents cattle from leaning on the fence and discourages challenging the fence. In tight quarters such as feed plots or gates, additional strength from wood fencing or pipe fencing is also suggested.

Sheep and Goat Field Fence

Field fences for sheep and goats are usually 4-5ft tall and have graduated holes that are a bit bigger than deer fences or cattle fences. The larger holes allow sheep to peek through the field fences without getting their heads stuck in the holes. Barbed wire can be added to the top of the fence, however it is not required.

Hog Paneling

Hogs can be kept in a mesh wire fence, but reinforced panels are suggested. Mounted on wooden fences or steel pipe frames, the hog panels are much stronger than other wire such as chicken wire or sheep and goat field fences. Adding a string of barbed wire at ground level keeps the hogs from digging under the fence and protects it from leaning.

Deer or Game Field Fence

This high field fence stands 8-10ft tall to prevent deer or exotic animals from jumping it in one bound. Graduated holes are larger at the top to prevent entanglement, while small at the bottom to keep out unwanted animals. Because of the height of the fence, tall steel posts are needed to keep the fence strong and prevent sagging. Our deer fences use high quality steel that is knotted for strength.

No Climb Horse Wire

Line the inside of your horse fence with braided horse wire to keep out pets and unwanted animals. Horse wire is uniquely shaped to prevent hoofs from getting tangled. Horse wire can also be attached to gates to ensure the entirety of the fence is protected.

Have a project that is not listed above? No problem. We have all types of field fencing to suit your needs. Call us today for a quote or to schedule a visit to your farm or ranch.

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