Deer Fence Texas

Have deer or exotic animals you'd like to keep safe on your property? Our high deer fencing keep game well protected, whether for game management or population management. Call us today for a quote on your deer fencing project.

Deer fences (also Game Fences or Field Fences) are 8ft-10ft tall with graduated holes from bottom to top. The graduated holes are small at the bottom, keeping out unwanted animals while the holes at the top are larger to ensure deer don't get tangled if they decide to jump. These mesh wire fences are made of dipped galvanized steel and knotted for durability that lasts for decades.
Reinforced with galvanized steel pipe posts, Farm and Ranch Co's deer fence installation is built to last. Your fence won't sag or lean, and will stand up to the strongest impact a deer can muster. We also specialize in tall fence gates that we line with mesh or no climb wire to ensure deer don't get caught in the steel wires. Your fence will be effective and attractive.

Want an extra layer of protection on a deer fence? Farm and Ranch Fence Co can add one or two lines of barbed wire at the top of the deer fencing to discourage any climbing or jumping.

Want to learn how much a deer fence costs? It depends on the size of your project. Call us today for a free estimate.

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