Cattle Fencing Texas

Farm and Ranch Fencing Co has many options to choose from for cattle fences. We tailor the perfect cattle fence solutions based on your budget and needs. Below you'll find many options available, and feel free to call today to tell us about your fencing project and get suggestions.

Cattle fences come in all shapes and sizes, and Farm and Ranch Fence Co. has many varieties to choose from to meet your needs. We help you determine the best fence to match your farm and custom tailor the perfect cattle fence accordingly. It often takes multiple types of fences for a large ranch, including barbed wire for large pastures and pipe fencing to reinforce gates and feed plots. Below are just a few options available, so call us today to discuss your fencing project.

Farm and Ranch Fence Co does everything you can imagine with wood fencing, metal pipe fencing and mesh fencing.

  • Barbed wire fencing is one of the cheapest alternatives to cover large areas of land. It keeps cattle in and has decades of life. Drawbacks: pets and unwanted predators can still enter pastures and its not family friendly.
  • Mesh wire fencing can either stand alone with posts or be reinforced with either wood or pipe rails. Mesh wire keeps out predators and pets. It can vary in height from 4ft to 10+ft if you have exotic animals or deer.It can also be lined with barbed wire to keep cattle from leaning or reaching over Cons: high quality fence and posts are more expensive than barbed wire, but last for decades.
  • Field fencing is special wire fencing that graduates from bottom to top with smaller holes on the bottom to keep out predators and larger holes on the top to avoid tangle if a deer tries to jump it. This fencing is also called GAME FENCING or DEER FENCING and is generally 6ft-10ft tall. Field fencing can be reinforced with metal pipe fencing for extra strength, but quality field fence materials can stand alone with metal posts.
  • Pipe fencing can stand alone with rails in areas such as corrals or food plots, or can be lined with mesh wire fences to keep your land safe of predators and pets. No climb wire can accompany pipe fences to keep horses and cattle safe of tangles, and barbed wire is a good idea to keep leaning. These heavy duty fences are often needed in tight quarters.

Some pictures of cattle fencing can be found below, but be sure to check out our gallery for more inspiration!

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