Barbed Wire Fences

Barbed Wire Fencing Texas

The lower cost and effectiveness of barbed wire fences often make it a favorite choice for cattle fencing in Texas. Enforced with metal brackets, metal pipe or posts (often cedar posts), barbed wire fences can cover large amounts of pasture or farmland effectively and affordably. We can run three tier, four tier or five tier barbed wire fences that stand alone or reinforce other fences with a strand or two of barbed wire. The top strand is great for wooden, metal or mesh wire fences as it keeps cattle from reaching over or leaning on the fences. The later option is also more child friendly.

If you are clearing land and have plenty of wood or trees, consider using wood from your property to create your barbed wire fence. It is more work, but it could be a more cost efficient way to install barbed wire fencing.

Keep in mind corrals or tight quarters need to be reinforced with other material than just barbed wire. Mesh or pipe fencing along with the barbed wire will be easy for the cattle to see and keep animals from injury OR breaking fences when crowded.

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